About Kaihua Automotive Technology

Automotive molding solution supplier

With the concept of "customer-centric" and "high-quality, high-efficiency, short-cycle" products, Kaihua Automotive Technology has become a representative of high-end Chinese manufacturing.

2800Set of molds/year

Supporting molds for domestic first-tier suppliers and OEMs

1,000,000mould times/year

Injection parts production capacity


Have offices abroad


Customer service

The 75,000-square-meter intelligent manufacturing base extends auto mold manufacturing to injection molding products, providing comprehensive solutions for auto parts suppliers for the integration of injection molding and processing


Core Competencies

Strict Quality Control

Implement the project engineer responsibility system, set up a quality control department, and set up an incoming material inspection team, a CMM inspection team, and a shipping and dismantling inspection team. Effectively control quality and progress.

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Core Competencies

Strong industrial design

From preliminary research, to engineering design, to interactive design, through structural case analysis, lightweight technology reserves, ergonomics research and development, and practice of replacing steel with plastic, the structural design and appearance design are perfectly unified.

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Core Competencies

Advanced Manufacturing Capability

From product design and development, mold design and manufacturing, to injection molding, mass production and assembly, it realizes the integration of mold injection molding and injection molding with short molding cycle and high surface quality, ensuring "fine mold" to produce "high-quality products".

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Products and Services

Product Positioning

Injection molding processing

Small batch production

Special Process    (Vehicle lamp injection molding, multi-color injection molding, micro-foaming injection molding, gas-assisted injection molding, structural parts injection molding)    

Covers: Interior and exterior trim systems / Body injection molded structural parts / Cooling systems / Lighting systems